Simulating physical systems

ATC has designed and developed a patent-pending system and method used to provide simulation of physical systems.

The Virtual Remote Simulation Test Lab uses a virtualized system(s) including computer hardware, network, and storage resources to represent an actual system(s) that can be used for testing and observing functions, behavior, and responses that may occur on an actual physical system.

The Virtual Remote Simulation Test Lab affords organizations the opportunity to perform development operations, test, experiment and assess systems without affecting physical systems and minimizes downtime to ensure availability.

The Virtual Remote Simulation Test Lab can help an organization observe, measure, record or document design modifications, relevant system testing, modeling scenarios and threat scenarios as experiments. This approach helps reduce both overall time and cost for projects.


Cyber as a Service, in conjunction with VRSTL, was developed to help counter rising support costs throughout the Air Force Training System portfolio.

The Virtual Remote Simulation Test Lab is a portable, unique and affordable solution for any organization to perform Cybersecurity Assessments such as Site, Network and System Analysis used to improve their security posture.

Aviation Training Consulting is proud to offer the following CaaS solutions:

  • perform tests, analyses, and vulnerability scanning/assessments on the system as it currently exists or as it will be configured in the future;
  • develop solutions to problems that can be encountered on the physical system;
  • determine the virtualized system’s functions, behavior, and responses to input for use in design, modification, and testing of the physical system;
  • develop and prepare for potential scenarios that may be detrimental to the physical system;
  • assess common vulnerabilities and exploitations (CVE) that may be present on a physical system, and that would compromise the system’s security or stability.