Aviation Training Consulting offers engineering services to enhance mission and training capabilities for our clients.
This includes:

  • Analysis supporting acquisition and sustainment
  • Systems Integration
  • Modification kit production
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Reliability centered maintenance planning
  • Obsolescence mitigation

ATC’s most recent engineering accomplishments include both software and hardware solutions.
Our analysis of software source code used in a key training device within the E-3 AWACS MTS Program identified complexities impacting performance and sustainability.  We designed and developed source code using C++ resulting in a common single baseline configuration. This effort enabled rapid modification and integration of capabilities, simultaneously providing performance enhancements while reducing software maintenance costs and enhancing mission readiness.

Our primary role in the manufacturing process is assembly, integration, quality assurance, and test/validation. Our integration of sub-systems into existing training systems has been 100% successful in achieving device capability and performance gains.
ATC developed the hardware only Egress trainer.  Crew Chief training relied on operational aircraft for installation/removal of escape slides and life rafts.  Our engineering processes resulted in a single device that allows students to accomplish all critical checklist steps in the classroom. Our solution provides greater availability, flexibility, and safety, allowing students to practice new skills in an environment optimized for learning.
ATC designed and developed an integrated solution for aircraft Liquid Oxygen servicing resulting in a highly effective and ultra-safe training environment for apprentice maintenance technicians. Our engineering efforts integrated an inert servicing cart with valve position sensing software and hardware to provide a dynamic user interface that provides realistic gauge readings that correspond to pressure control valve handle manipulation.

ATC provides Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) including operations, intermediate, and depot level maintenance, logistics, and material management, in conjunction with our technical and operational support for training program devices and equipment including Weapons Systems Trainers (WST), Full Flight Trainers (FFT), Part Task Trainers (PTT) and System/Sub-System Trainers.  Our technicians provide operation and maintenance activities including:

  • preventative, scheduled, and unscheduled maintenance,
  • troubleshooting and repair,
  • spares management including parts inventory and control

ATC provides services to support program requirements through Training Systems Support Center (TSSC) functions including:

  • Engineering (Hardware and Software)
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Courseware Support
  • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
  • Concurrency Management
  • Configuration and Data Management

As part of our responsibility for managing TSSC operations, our software engineers/developers, electronics engineers, and maintenance technicians maintain, modify, and upgrade OEM software, firmware, and hardware that operate both simulators and other training devices.  Our trainer software capabilities include not only maintenance and modification of OEM software, but complete source code design, development, integration, and testing.