A Partner to Meet Requirements and Exceed Expectations

At Aviation Training Consulting, nothing is more important than going above-and-beyond for our customers. We know exactly what it takes to complete a mission, and we recognize that delivering what our customers ask for is just the beginning. Combining integrity with superior client service and unparalleled ingenuity ensures that our aviation consulting solutions are always of the highest quality. Why? Because trust is earned, not given.

By hiring seasoned and proven veterans for aviation consulting, training development, and engineering, we guarantee that our solutions are reflective of the best practices and the latest technologies. With over 20 years of combined hands-on aviation experience, we are book- and field-smart to help you execute and find ways to achieve the impossible through our aviation consulting services. This empowers you with the depth of experience and trusted assurance to respond and execute any mission anywhere around the globe. While most organizations are trained to say no, ATC will always find a way to help you achieve your mission.


  • We do what’s right for the customer.
  • We value values.
  • We provide superior performance and quality.
  • We are responsible and independent.
  • We are fast and flexible.

Our Leadership

Robert Cox

Robert Cox

President and Chief Executive Officer

Robert C. Cox is President and CEO of Aviation Training Consulting, LLC (ATC), based in Altus, Oklahoma. Aviation Training Consulting was founded in 2001, and is a professional consulting company specializing in pilot, aircrew, ground-crew, and maintenance training.
Mr. Cox attended the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, graduating in 1984 with a degree in Chemistry.

Mr. Cox spent the majority of his Air Force career in training development and management roles. His most rewarding assignment involved standing up C-17 training systems for the Air Force. During this assignment, Mr. Cox developed his deep understanding of how critical a curriculum based training continuum was to the preservation of human and material assets in aviation activities. Upon leaving the Air Force, Mr. Cox assisted the Department of Defense in a study and analysis to determine how curriculum based training requirements could facilitate financial savings in new acquisition programs. From this analysis, along with Mr. Cox’s extensive background in training management, it became clear that there remained a void to be filled in aviation training systems throughout government and the private sector.

In 2001 Mr. Cox formed his own company called Aviation Training Consulting, LLC (ATC) with the vision of producing world-class, client-focused, training systems that save lives. Clientele to date has included the United States Army, United States Navy, United States Air Force, United States Marine Corps, and the Medical Profession.

Philip Cox

Philip Cox

Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Philip Cox is the Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer for Aviation Training Consulting, LLC, based in Altus, Oklahoma. He is responsible for all financial management operations and serves on the executive council responsible for setting the strategic direction of the company.

Mr. Cox joined ATC in 2002 and has served several functions throughout the company. His knowledge and expertise in many functional areas within ATC has provided him with the capability to help advise Mr. Robert Cox. Prior to joining ATC, Mr. Cox spent over 15 years working in the consulting and information technology sectors for A.T. Kearney, Accenture, and EDS where he worked primarily in the operations and human resources areas.

Mr. Cox earned a bachelor’s degree in Management and Administration from Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Terry Frabott

Terry Frabott

Vice President of Domestic Operations

Terry Frabott is the Vice President of Domestic Operations and serves on the Executive Council for Aviation Training Consulting, LLC (ATC), based in Edmond, Oklahoma. In this capacity, he is responsible for overall strategy and operational activities of all Domestic Programs. Providing leadership of a highly talented workforce, with a demonstrated history of success working in the aviation industry. He is also charged with the design and execution of plans to strengthen the company’s market positioning and cultivating effective customer relationships.

Managing a highly successful team of professionals and subject matter experts within the company, he is charged with overseeing the capture and development of proposals and business partnerships that has helped make the company one of the fastest growing global aviation training providers in the world.

Mr. Frabott enlisted in the U.S. Army in December 1981 and in over 31 years of service has experienced many of the challenges that face our warfighters today, both in peacetime and combat. Most of his aviation career was served in the United States Special Operations Command in a variety of positions that have given him the tools he now applies in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our business partners and customers.

Dennis Stephens

Dennis Stephens

Vice President of Programs

Dennis Stephens was named Vice President of Programs in January 2018. He is responsible for the execution of all company programs and projects. As a member of ATC’s executive counsel, Stephens reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer and President of ATC, Robert Cox. A 10-year veteran of ATC, Stephens served as a Program Manager for multiple programs before being promoted to Director of Operations, and later to VP of International Operations.

After obtaining his Bachelor Degree from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona in 1988, Stephens was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the USMC in May of 1988. He served 23 years as a CH-53E helicopter pilot. Military career highlights include multiple overseas deployments; two combat tours, including one as Squadron Commander, Heavy Marine Helicopter Squadron 462; and senior staff assignments at First Marine Expeditionary Force and Marine Air Group 11.

Michael Young

Michael Young

Vice President Corporate Operations

Michael Young is the Vice President of Corporate Operations and serves on the Executive Council for Aviation Training Consulting, LLC (ATC), based in Edmond, Oklahoma. Mr. Young is responsible for all corporate headquarters functions from human resources, legal, information technology, contracting and procurement. As the VP of Corporate Operations, he works with a talented and experienced staff of professionals to oversee the day-to-day functions of the company. The corporate team is also charged with providing direct support both to the execution of ATC’s programs as well as business development activities.

Mr. Young enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1984. He obtained a Bachelor degree from Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina in 1988 and subsequently commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. He was a CH-53 pilot and retired in 2013 as a Colonel.