Training System Management

ATC delivers timely, accurate and affordable solutions to every client’s training and logistics support needs.  As a trusted partner to the client, our focus is on helping achieve higher levels of mission and business performance while at the same time managing risk.  ATC puts skilled people up-front ensuring timely logistics and maintenance support while also providing effective classroom and simulator instructors with current training materials to meet the client’s needs.  ATC is fully prepared to provide comprehensive Training Support Services, which includes logistics support, simulator maintenance, simulator and academic instruction, courseware development/maintenance, and other training support services.  Our technicians have weapons system background in fixed-wing, and rotary-wing aircraft, such as the T-1, T-38, T-41, C-5, C-17, C-21, C‑130, C-141, CH-53, KC-130J, and S-92 training systems and are ready to offer a turn-key solution to our clients training requirements. 

Logistics Support/Simulator Maintenance

ATC provides total supply and logistics support, including inventory management, lifecycle support, and contract acquisition of hardware and software configuration repair parts. Through our integrated logistics support, ATC provides clients with lower lifecycle costs and ensures that the simulators are up and ready to meet the demands of student throughput.  ATC provides services that include development, maintenance of logistics support records, training publications and library storage, and any specified training management system to provide complete scheduling, test record keeping, evaluation, and student management capabilities.  

Simulator/Academic Instruction and Courseware Development

ATC’s instructors are acknowledged experts in their field, transferring their extensive skills and experience gained over many years of operational military duty to every student we train.  ATC instructors conduct classroom lectures, administer examinations, monitor lessons, and provide one-on-one instruction as necessary. To support dynamic and realistic simulator training, our instructors pre-brief each mission, ensure all training events are accomplished, and provide comprehensive debriefs.  Following the latest educational principles and employing cognitive methods, ATC instructors help ensure that every student builds on the solid foundation of “how to” knowledge from the classroom and hands-on training in the simulator. With this training and instruction, the student will be fully prepared to master the weapon system platform.

ATC’s support services help ensure your training devices maintain concurrency with the platforms you have deployed. We have specialists in just about every skill and discipline related to simulation and training. ATC designs, develops, produces, and implements a full range of courseware products to support all customer training needs. ATC offers complete Instructional Systems Design (ISD) services to include task analysis, training systems requirements analysis, identification of learning objectives and instructional strategies, media selection and training effectiveness evaluations. Using the latest technologies, the ATC provides a full range of interactive courseware products, individualized learning packages, web-based training applications, testing products and printed materials to meet the client’s specific training requirements.

The training support services that ATC offers include:

  • Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance of Training Flight Simulators
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Comprehensive Supply Management Services for Replacement Parts for Simulator Training Equipment
  • Configuration and Concurrency Management
  • Maintenance of Logistics support records
  • Instructional Systems Analysis, Design and Delivery
  • Instructor Systems and Tools
  • Training Systems Integration Repair Part Acquisition

ATC understands that expedited procurement and assessment processes deliver better client mission performance. Faster procurement of parts means simulators are returned rapidly to fully mission-capable condition, and therefore client’s mission performance standards are improved.