Studies and Analyses

ATC is an industry leader in professional consulting and training development, specializing in operations and maintenance training solutions for fixed-wing, rotary wing and tilt-rotor aircraft operations.  In addition, our innovative processes apply to enterprise applications beyond aviation.  At ATC, our Studies and Analyses team actively works throughout the entire analysis to make sure the solutions provided meet the clients’ need.  Our expertise spans the range of specialized consulting services—from highly-tailored front-end analyses, targeted needs assessment; custom-designed training effectiveness analyses, training alternatives, or baseline documentation of training system; and enterprise requirements.  ATC identifies performance deficiencies and determines the most appropriate and cost effective interventions from a wide range of current and evolving practices.

ATC has extensive experience in the following types of analyses:

  • Training Situation Analysis (TSA)
  • Training Systems Requirements Analyses (TSRA)
  • Training Device Requirements Document (TDRD)
  • Training System Functional Description (TSFD)
  • Cost and Training Effectiveness Analyses (CETA)
  • Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analyses (COEA)

Examples of some of our recent studies and analysis services, ATC successfully orchestrated of a “ground up” approach to implementing training and curriculum/courseware development which included extensive Front-End Analyses (FEA), Instructional Systems Development (ISD), and Change Management for new and existing training products, from the Initial Qualification through Instructor courses in the USMC MV-22, CH-53 and KC-130J programs.  ATC worked closely with our USAF clients on the Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) E-3 Sentry DRAGON modification and Advanced Pilot Training (APT) Next Generation Trainer aircraft (T‑38 replacement) TSRAs to craft the most effective and efficient training programs that support 21st Century and 5th Generation tactical aircraft employment.  Our TSRA approach and products have become the USAF acquisition and training standards.
Matching ATC’s exceptional multi-faceted program management and strategic consulting expertise with our maintenance of sound Systems Approach to Training (SAT)-derived training curriculum and oversight is an unbeatable combination.  The results of our studies and analyses enable our clients to prepare for the next acquisition milestone and solicit industry for the performance of a training system contract.  ATC concurrently developed acquisition strategies along with training products that reduced training costs, ensured effective and current training, and met or exceeded mission requirements.

ATC provides its clients a customized approach tailored for the specific needs and requirements of each effort.  ATC delivers a full range of analytical and consulting solutions that posture our clients for enterprise success.  Our analysis staff combines years of experience in both military and civilian analyses.  We are committed to understanding our client needs and expectations, while maintaining internal management procedures that guarantee flexible, timely, and effective responses to those needs.  ATC recognizes that each of our customers has unique needs that vary from engagement to engagement. We combine the skills and expertise of our highly-qualified personnel to form integrated analysis teams to offer customer-specific solutions.