Strategic Consulting


ATC has a staff that offers overwhelming diversity in its aviation and training background.  This expertise comes from career United States Air Force, and Marine Corps veterans who are accomplished training experts. Many of these individuals have experience in the commercial airline industry and with advanced “glass cockpit” technology. Leaders within their respective aviation communities, these individuals retain a wealth of knowledge easily applied to defining client needs through exceptional analysis, providing unsurpassed project management, and effectively augmenting a client’s staff with the best aircrew and maintenance innovation in the industry.  These skills are the perfect match to provide our foreign clients with the best possible cadre of experts to meet their training needs while respectfully service their countries customs and priorities of services desired.

ATC support to our international clients includes:

  • Curriculum and Courseware Development
  • Studies and Analyses
  • Contractor Logistics Support
  • Concurrency Management
  • Site Activation
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Simulator Certification
  • Airdrop/Rigger
  • Flight Training
  • Ground Training
  • Maintenance Training
  • Training System Support Center Services

Most recently, ATC completed an international contract for the KAF providing a KC-130J Training Needs Analysis.  Development of the follow-on curriculum and courseware, instructor manning, training device acquisition analysis, prioritization of training device selection and their incorporation was awarded as a FMS contract with collaborative assistance of NAVAIR.  In addition, our C-130J international work also includes task analysis and on the Canadian CC-130J Operational Training Systems Provider (OTSP) program.  ATC was subcontracted to develop Aircraft Commander, First Officer, Flight Engineer, and Loadmaster training plans under the OTSP contract for the new Canadian forces CC-130J aircraft.

ATC’s ability to provide in classroom instruction, distributed learning, virtual training and multimedia courseware are setting new standards for effectively developing proficiently trained mission-ready foreign student graduates. Our embrace of the continuum of training and philosophy to delivery knowledge to the war fighter anytime, anywhere is backed by longstanding experience in all areas of training, information technology and facilities management.  ATC has developed training and designed processes to ensure compliance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.  ATC leadership has demonstrated a clear commitment to export its products, services and knowledge in compliance with all applicable export control directives.  ATC has experience with the export of dual-use items regulated by the Department of Commerce, as well the export of items on the United States Munitions List controlled by the Department of State.