Staff Augmentation

dreamstime_18542537-Growth-Planned-Expansion403x245-300x182As cost pressures in the business markets increase, our clients are looking to manage services to control costs and to maintain their competitive positions.  ATC’s approach to staff augmentation is to work as the client’s trusted agent to staff a project and respond to the temporary surge or business objective. ATC offers strong economies of scale – allowing the client organization to grow without proportionally increasing its support costs, allows the client organization to focus on its core business activities while receiving a higher quality of service with improved efficiency and access to global talent pools as well as cutting edge tools and best practices. 

ATC staff augmentation services include tasks such as:

  • Contract Compliance, Audit Support, and Contract Management
  • Request For Proposal Preparation
  • Acquisition Strategy Development
  • Organizational Transition and Change Management Analysis
  • Formalized Policy and Procedures, Development and Implementation
  • Conference Planning, Coordination and Implementation
  • Research Services and Administrative Support
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Support to assist in Program Management, Risk Management, and Project Scheduling

Examples of some of our recent augmentation services, ATC assisted our client in the extensive bid submission for the C-17 Request for Proposal response for the C-17 Aircrew Training System (ATS) based on the wide-ranging experience of our staff as C-17 pilots, quality contract control specialist, managers of ATS operations, loadmaster, school-house instructors, and headquarters training.  ATC understands the critical path of the student-training pipeline, and the additional challenges associated with international clients traveling to the CONUS for training.  Those same staff personnel possess first-hand knowledge and familiarity with a C-17 ATS.  Our staff also provided our client with assistance in creating an acquisition strategy to appropriately furnished and equipped training facilities, ensuring proper lighting and ventilation, ensuring training areas will be free of outside noise that could interfere with the instruction provided, and facilities will have adequate Information Technology (IT) infrastructure.

ATC can provide unique services to our clients through staff augmentation.  It is a simple, quick and effective means for addressing support deficiencies, is relatively low risk to the organization, and allows our client to retain the ability to control all its resources in-house.