Simulator Certification

Thales_sim_at_pitch_angle-392x408ATC is thoroughly versed in the regulatory requirements pertaining to simulator certification for both our domestic and international clients. Our staff includes simulator certification professionals having extensive experience in the testing and evaluation of flight training devices. Our simulator certification capabilities include program design and development, support for Acceptance Test Procedures (ATPs), simulator technicians for objective testing and device adjustment, and subject matter experts (SMEs) for subjective evaluation. Because of our extensive expertise in flight simulator operation and support, ATC is consulting with various simulator manufacturers for potential contract awards that will provide full flight simulation to our clients which will not only enhance the quality of training, but also capitalizes on the efficiencies of technology which reduces the overall life-cycle costs of the training system.


Our cost benefit and return on investment studies evaluate alternatives for our clients consideration and recommends a tailored media solution designed to meet the training program objectives while simultaneously providing data required for strategic business decisions. Because we put the client first, our relationships extend well beyond the delivery of the initial requested product as clients feel confident that we will honesty and ethically provide guidance on the best way to maintain the training system edge.