Maintenance Training

maint-train-300x2001Our training program is structured to provide complete aircraft maintenance with approved FAA certified airframe and powerplant (A&P) mechanics to provide a truly reliable turn-key training solution.  ATC personnel are skilled trainers with years of experience in formal classroom-based training settings as well as On-The-Job-Training.  ATC has designed and developed multiple maintenance curriculum packages for various DoD aircraft and filled key maintenance management and oversight responsibilities.  ATC is the go to solution for our clients’ maintenance training needs.

Our highly experienced maintenance subject matter experts can provide custom-made initial and recurrent training for inspecting, servicing and repairing for fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.  Our maintenance training provides instruction in areas, such as: 

  • Scheduled Periodic Inspections
  • Power Plant Inspection and Repair
  • Aircraft Systems Inspection and Repair
  • Minor and Major Sheet Metal Repair
  • Aircraft Maintenance Management and Consulting 

Aviation-MaintenanceATC currently supports the Kuwait Air Force (KAF) No. 91 Transport Squadron with instructor pilots and maintenance personnel for Very Important Person and Head of State transport flight operations.  ATC partners with our prime contractor to provide our clients elite instructor personnel to conduct academic, ground training, and on-the-job flight training to ensure efficiency and success of their programs.  This effort includes maintenance control/quality assurance, logistics technicians, avionics technicians, airframe technicians, engine technicians, interior technicians, and maintenance administration instructors, annual refresher training, and emergency procedures.  It also includes the development of all training materials, instructor materials, and student materials.

ATC’s management philosophy is supported by our instructors “cradle‑to‑grave”, must-have knowledge of how as well as actually integrating of Instructional System Developed curriculum and design of all instructional training and media services with capabilities of supporting a variety of instructional media into their daily instructional practices.  This includes instructor-led, web-based, distance learning, interactive courseware products, weapon system trainers, classrooms, static equipment, and other non-motion training devices.  We provide our clients real-time instruction of change to the weapon system.  What makes ATC unique is our maintenance instructors excel in both technical competence as well as understanding/applying the right teaching method.  Our elite instructor personnel provide training and employee development that is relevant to the skills our client wants the employee to attain and that produces measurable objectives and specific outcomes to take back to the workplace and contributes to achieving the organization’s goals.