ATC provides certified instructors to fulfill requirements needed by the client.  Instructors can fulfill duties of:

  • On-the-Job Training
  • Individual-Based Training
  • Instructor-Led Classroom Discussion Training
  • Electronic Classroom Management Training
  • Weapon System Instructor Training
  • Static Equipment and Other Unique Training Devices Training
  • Distant Learning, Self-paced, Computer-Based Training

ATC prides itself on the caliber of our instructors, the results the client’s students realize, and the measurements documented of the students progress and satisfaction with the instruction provided.

Technical Manual Development

ATC has experience in developing technical manuals for operators, maintenance personnel, and equipment installers. ATC performs an analysis on the job and provides a useable, deployable technical manual.  Using a proactive change management process, ATC can continually update manuals from the engineering level through technical manual development to keep them current with changes and updates.