Ground Training

635857408_sUW8K-XL-Grnd-Ops-300x192Proper ground training is critical in order to establish a standardized ground movement program which ensures airport operators and vehicle operators are aware of the resources available, to maintain the highest possible level of safety within the airport environment and to ensure that the number of runway incursions is reduced, along with the potential for aircraft incidents or accidents.  ATC’s training personnel are adept in these necessary specialties to meet local, international or domestic specific standards and regulations, such as ICAO and FAA.  Through our experience in the aviation and airfield operations, ATC provides the right combination of theoretical background, mixed with a very hands-on approach.  This interactive course is comprised of professionally developed material based on Part 139 requirements and is delivered through several methods: lectures, self-paced, computer-based, hands-on, and/or videos/web-based, depending on the clients’ desire. The course materials cover universally-applicable airfield information as well as operational regulations and procedures specific to your airfield.  ATC trainers are selected based on their many years of experience in the field, supporting our clients with services can be provided for initial or recurring training needs.