Flight Training

Flight-training-2ATC was established by DoD aircrew instructors and who have extensive experience in Air Education and Training Command (AETC) and Air Mobility Command Aircrew Training Systems (ATS). This level of experience ranges from school-house instructors, Air Force wing-level training, Simulator Certification personnel, and ATS management experience at Headquarters AMC. ATC’s personnel provide additional credibility for our clients as a result of specific developmental experience or operational weapons system background in the T-1, T-8, T-37, T-38, T-41, C-5, C-17, C-21, C-130, C-141, G-222, MV-22, CH-53, KC-130J, B-707, C-27J, E-3A AWACS, and CH-147 training systems. ATC also has broad experience with helicopter operations, such as the S-92. Our clients expect and receive more than a few flights in a simulator accompanied by a certificate of attendance. Our approach includes the design of a client-specific training system that can be developed and implemented to meet their needs, rather domestic or international, that provides them with a long-lasting capability to conduct their own recurring or organic training.

An example of how our reliable quality approach to training produced results was validated with our recent Kuwait Air Force (KAF) No. 91 Transport Squadron with instructor pilots and maintenance personnel. ATC innovative approach of providing transportation service also permits our staff of elite instructor personnel to conduct academic, ground training, and flight training to the Kuwait student pilots ensuring efficiency and success of their flight training programs. This effort includes initial (basic), academics, proficiency, mission qualification, aircraft commander upgrade, functional check flight training, emergency procedures, and student materials as well as S-92 training system, squadron operating procedures, and overseeing daily operations and maintenance of the training system. Validation occurred when qualifying an unprecedented four new S-92 Captains and attained the KAF’s goal of operating an organic mission within the first year of the contract! The KAF’s satisfaction with our effort led them to designate ATC again as the sole-source training provider in for their C-130 squadron conversion from the L-382G to the KC-130J.

ATC’s management philosophy is supported by its foundational understanding of a “cradle to grave” integration of ISD sound curriculum analysis and design of all training and media products capable of supporting a variety of instructional media. This includes:

  • Instructor-Led,
  • Web-Based,
  • Distance Learning,
  • Interactive Courseware Products,
  • Weapon System Trainers,
  • Classrooms, Static Equipment, and other Non-Motion Training Devices

We provide our clients real-time analysis of change and define potential impact to training materials, hardware, software and training devices in order to attain a synergy of technology, content, and various training deployment models. Our proven instructor hiring and staffing plan provides our clients with highly trained, highly motivated, and safety conscious instructors. Our comprehensive processes include extensive instructor training, certification, continuing education requirements, and additional aircraft/mission specific training requirements. We develop relationships that go beyond the delivery of a product.

ATC provides current, qualified flight personnel who can execute current flight operations and efficiently manage the administration of an aviation organization. ATC can provide pilots and associated aircrew members for rotary-wing and fixed wing flight training anywhere in the world. Our flight-trained employees have vast aviation experience that trained and executed in high-tempo multi-aircraft daily flying operations. Our instructors bring that real world expertise to the classroom. Whether the need is for organized operating procedures or managing a complex daily flight schedule, ATC can provide the personnel necessary for a cost effective, resource efficient operation.