Curriculum Development

Curriculum is a framework of learning opportunities, resources, and instructional strategies that empower students to aspire to and to attain required standards, learner outcomes, and specific instructor-based objectives, while addressing individual abilities. ATC’s team of experts understands these critical steps of Instructional System Development (ISD). ATC provides flexible, innovative solutions for training by customizing the ISD process entry and exit points to fit the client’s needs.  

Options include:

  • Ground-Up Development
  • Update Existing Training Programs
  • Retrofit Existing Programs to:

Provide ISD Foundation

Identify Gaps in Training

Enable Concurrency Management

ATC uses industry-approved Systems Approach to Training (SAT) and ISD methodologies to develop training system solutions that address large-scale training program needs.  ATC’s team of PhD-led, ISD experts understands the critical steps of SAT and ISD and employs that understanding to produce products that call for reductions in allocated resources, training time constraints, and overall project costs.  Curriculum development is our niche in the training market.  Our staff has extensive experience developing and adapting training courses based upon modern adult learning theories.  That experience includes strict adherence to SAT methodologies as well as the flexibility to apply client specific guidance to a given effort.

ADDIE[1]Analyze > Design > Develop > Implement > Evaluate our client’s needs.

ATC can:

  • Identify Training Program Issues and Propose Solutions
  • Catalog Existing Training Data
  • Build our Client’s a Foundational Blueprint
  • Enable Efficient & Effective Implementation of Training
  • Utilize Automated & Repeatable Processes/Create Solutions