Courseware Development

ATC’s team of courseware developers creates courseware based on an analysis of the subject matter under consideration and create products to be used across at every level by our clients.  Courses can be successfully developed for:

  • Distant Learning
  • Hands-On Training
  • Formal Classroom
  • Computer-Based Training
  • Self-Paced Learning Labs
  • Computer Aided Instruction
  • Training Device Environment

The courseware team works closely with the ISD team to ensure the principles of the ISD process and the development principles of courseware are in concert.  A delivery strategy is developed to assist the client in providing the most efficient and effective training to the student. 

dreamstime_11353702-e-Learning3ATC acknowledges that some training efforts require specialized content development, and we work as a flexible team to meet those needs.  Whether it’s a modification of a training program that’s already been developed, or the complete authoring of training material from workbooks and paper documents, ATC works diligently to meet our client’s requirements.  Our courseware development team provides the complete solution for custom courseware development, from the research and development of material, to storyboard creation, to courseware creation and testing, to interactive media instruction.  ATC has provided our clients real-time analysis of change and define potential impact to training materials, hardware, software and training devices in order to attain a synergy of technology, content, and various training deployment models.  When complete development of training material is required, ATC develops with your Subject Matter Experts to produce the best quality training material.  Keeping customers “in the loop” at all times is just one way we ensure that the best product is delivered.

Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)

Developed in direct response to a United States Department of Defense (DoD) initiative to promote standardization in eLearning, SCORM is an XML-based framework used to define and access information about learning objects so they can be easily shared among different learning management systems (LMS).

The initial purchase of training is only part of the equation.  ATC’s reliability and customer service are keys to reducing the cost of ownership and extending the lifecycle of your investment.  Our superb record on customer satisfaction, technical knowledge, and daily emphasis on safety and readiness are primary reasons ATC is a leader in aviation-related training.

Areas of our expertise include: 

  • Airdrop/Rigger
  • Flight Training
  • Ground Training
  • Maintenance Training
  • Training Support Management