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Integrity and trust are essential in this line of work. ATC provides professional instructor pilots, loadmasters and aerial delivery personnel needed to ensure the success of your mission. Our qualified team of Riggers can rapidly establish operations, fabricate airdrop equipment and supplies and provide training to support domestic or international clients through governmental contracts, Foreign Military Sales and Direct Commercial Sales. Available airdrop services include pilot and aircrew training as well as cargo preparation, rigging, loading, inspection, in-flight instruction and drop zone recovery. Students become proficient in aircrew procedures, rigging, inspection, aerial delivery and drop zone operational procedures. ATC assists our clients with the selection of airdrop methods and tactics; acquisition of parachutes and related airdrop equipment; establishment of drop zones and other support requirements. Safety is of utmost importance to ATC and our training/services ensures special emphasis is placed on repeatable procedures to ensure personnel are properly trained on how to conduct effective airdrop of equipment and supplies.

ATC offers customized curriculum designed for each client’s operations. Our airdrop instructor pilots and loadmasters offer our clients a complete solution to establishing their own organic capability. Our staff of logistics technicians, air transportation specialists, riggers, and loadmasters also provides customized training in:

Ramp Services (cargo loading)

Cargo Processing

Passenger Service

Air Terminal Operations